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The Viper

Stand Out Design

Luxury Leather Pockets, Slate Top

viper Pool Table

We make it custom so you can brag to your friends.


Call 480-792-1115 to learn about all the options and finishes available on the Viper Pool Table.


Choose from multiple custom option choices

Table size

Wood Species


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viper pool table

The Viper Pool Table ~ A Cool Liquid Statement of Design


Customize The Viper Your Way

Viper Features & Benefits,

  • Handcrafted side aprons, arched legs and flowing top rails. All constructed to make this the most amazing table you'll lay your eyes on.
  • Premium Long Lasting 100% Gum Rubber Side Rail Bumpers
  • 100s of Custom Cloth Colors and material specification to choose from
  • 1" Thick Slate Tripled checked and diamond honed flat
  • Your Choice of colored Pockets
  • Available Table sizes
  • 7 ft.
  • 8 ft.
  • 8.5 ft.
  • 9 ft.
  • 10 ft.
  • Rich Hand Rubbed Wood Finishes Available
  • Top Rail Wood & Finish Choices
  • Top Rails Sight Choices
  • Your Choice of Side Apron Materials and Finishes
  • Did we miss what you wanted? We can do it, just call us.


Outfit your table with a chrome Harley Clock

harley clock

Don't Forget to get your Harley Cloth when you order.


harley davidson cloth