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Reclaimed Wood Pool Tables Straight From the Heartland

reclaimed wood pool tables

Diamondback Billiards' Rustic Country & Sawmill Reclaimed Wood Pool Tables

This table is just one of the many we manufacture here in Arizona. Yes made in Arizona from Premium Western Sugar Pine and Western Red Alder. Other hardwoods are available upon request. Please ask if you are interested. Choose from a large selection of options in creating the perfect able for your game room.

Once in the shop, we sort out our treasured barn woods, tin roofing and hardware. We select the best pieces that will give real character to our tables. After the selection is made we start to pare down the wood and materials down to fit in our tables. From there is all about building the best reclaimed wood pool tables.

The Saw Mill & Rustic Country Pool Tables

Hundreds of Years ago in our heartland. Stretching from the east to the west, barns sprung up with each new farm. And from the farms, those quiet repositories of our history we are reclaiming the material wrought by the pioneering strength of our fore bearers. This part our combined history is brought in our homes as part of your Reclaimed Pool Table. Our Reclaimed collection uses handcrafted work and wood and metal touchstones from the past. Each Piece brings history into your home.

rustic country reclaimed wood pool table

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reclaimedrustic country reclaimed wood pool table

Shown here next to the window, the solid wood is stained in this photo in an early American Stain that really shows off the wood graining.


** Shipping to All States within the Continental US**


rustic country reclaimed wood pool table

Shown in Shadow, you can see the old roof come to life under the side lighting.


saguaro pool table top rail


rustic country reclaimed wood pool table


Make your table your own with custom cue sights. If you have a favorite manufacture of sports, outdoor sports or whatever past time is your passion we can work with you to include this in your table as table sights.

shotgun shell cue sight

Pool Tables Made From Reclaimed Wood

Add History to your Game Room

Select one of our Solid Wood Pool Tables with the options & features below,

  • Solid Wood Legs
  • Your Choice of Pocket Colors in Leather
  • 24 Cloth Colors or call us about customizing your cloth top
  • Hainsworth or Simonis Tournament Cloth Available
  • 1" Thick Slate, Diamond Honed Flat
  • Rich Hand Rubbed Finish, Your Choice of Five Finishes on Your Hardwood Choice
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Three Apron Insert colors

  • Saguaro Ribs
  • Decades Old Tin Roofing from Barns
  • Real Barn Wood Decades to Hundreds of Years Old
  • Choose from Several hardwood Species;

  • -Alder
  • -Oak
  • -Maple
  • -Hard Maple
  • -Southern Pine & Sugar Pine are also Available as non hardwoods.
  • Available Table Sizes

  • -7 Foot Table
  • -8 Foot Table
  • -9 Foot Table
  • Call us to learn the rest of the options available at 480-792-1115


Saw Mill

The Saw Mill Style bring us back to the days when rough sawn wood was the norm. Every piece is hand scraped using an 80" Band saw Blade and of course our hands. We can lightly scrape the wood or bear down hard to make a deep texture as seen in the photos below.


rustic country reclaimed wood pool table


Shown with the Edge Grain Exposed our table is constructed from 3/4, 4/4 5/4 & 8/4 Hardwoods such as Knotty Alder & Popular; additionally we use Sugar Pine too as shown here on the edge grain.


rustic country reclaimed wood pool table


Leather Pockets Choices

end  rail of table

Handcrafted Wood Work


Reclaimed Galvanized Tin Roofing From Midwest Barns Decades Old

side shot of reclaimed material poolt able

Embossed Leather Pockets

Reclaimed Faux Wood Accent Furniture

Reclaimed wood offers a uniquely pleasant texture and feel. But not all pieces should be made entirely form reclaimed wood. Table tops can be an issues with the cracks you find inherently in reclaimed wood boards. In these cases we will use kiln dried hardwoods such as alder, maple and oak. Through a process of texturing boards by hand we can age our pieces to mimic the look of reclaimed wood. Added to the texturing is a process of advancing the age of the wood surface with a secrete chemical stain to quickly silver the wood. We make this ourselves to ensure we get the right color.

Below are pieces we have aged and textured to add the over all look. Ask about accessories pieces to go with your Real Reclaimed Wood Pool Table.

Solid wood Alder, large cue stick stand in Dark Espresso with Saw Mill texture.

saw mill cue stand

Saw Mill Texture in Espresso

saw mill tecture

Saw Mill Texture in Honey

saw mill texture


Solid Alder in Espresso displaying a knot

saw mill espresso stain

Solid Alder Hardwood Chemically changed to silver the tannins naturally existing in the wood to a silver tone. This pieces was further distressed as you can see by the scratching on the front of the doors

silver barn wood stain on Alder

Edges are distressed and rounded over to ensure soft edges and no sticking points

corner edges





barnwood stain