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Pool Table Moving Cost, What Can You Expect

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Ready to move your pool table and want to know what to expect in costs? Moving over a thousand tables a year, each table move has its own unique needs. Upstairs downstairs by the pool (outside tables) we have done it all.


Generally, Cost is based on Where You Need Your Table and What Additional Service You Need. Only By Calling Can We Provice You With An Accurate and Low Price Quote



Hiring a professional may be one of the happiest days in your pool table moving experience. Many tables weigh in over 800 pounds and knowing all the in and outs of properly dessambeling and reassembly of a table. Makes it all worth the time of finding the best company for the job.


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Pool Table Moving Cost

Find Out Whats The Best Course of Action

What Effects the price in a move?

  • Up Stairs
  • Basement
  • Long Distance Moves
  • New Cloth Needed
  • Crating


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When Your We Are Finished, Your Table Will Be Level To 1/10,000th of and Inch

Pool Table Leveling