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Pool Table Movers Suprize AZ

A+ Rating in Pool Table moving

Look no farther for the best pool table moving service in the Metro Phoenix area and Suprise. If you are looking for the best pool table moving service in town you have landed on the right page?

What Makes Us The Best?

Diamondback Billiards is an A+ Rated BBB Pool Table Mover. Plus we are the Pros, we have thousands of moves under our belt and move thousands of tables a year.


Diamondback Billiards offers Suprise wide and surrouding area moving service.


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Pool Table movers in Suprise may be numerous but there is only one that moves thousands of tables a year through out the state. Diamondback Billiards is the Chandler area experts. Anywhere you want to go, call us and find out why we are the best in the business.

Upstairs or downstairs were the Pros to get it done right.


Just a Portion Of Our Moving Fleet

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Hiring a professional pool table mover may be one of the happiest days in your life. Tables can weigh over 800 pounds and should be handled with extreme care. Know how to carry tables and keep your self safe is a job best left for the professionals. knowing all the in and outs of properly disassembling and reassembly of a table is a skill set our technicians learn over years. Using Diamondback Billiards just makes sense.



Let Us Answer All Your Pool Table Moving Questions, Call Us Today at 480-792-1115. You'll Be Glad You Did.



Pool Table Movers Suprise

Suprise here is what to look for and what to ask about, when it comes time to move your table.

Moving Q & As

  • Are You Insured? DB is insured and bonded
  • Do you move our table in an open bed pick up truck? DB only uses enclosed company trucks.
  • Can you do long distance moves? Our Team regularly travel all around Arizona servicing and moving tables.
  • What is Your Price? We will quote you the best price specific to your needs, don't pay for what you do not need and get the exactly what you do.
  • Crating? Yes we can crate you pool table for shipment outside of the Phoenix area.
  • Will you set my table up after the mover? YES it is customary to setup your table in its new home. We also offer storage while you remodel and will return with your table when the work is all done.
  • Will My table be level when you are done? Yes to 1/10,000th of an inch flat plane level. We use rather costly machinist levels to ensure your table is truly flat.
  • What if I need new cloth or rails. Moving your table is a perfect time to have new cloth installed or adding our lifetime warranty Accu-Fast 100% gum rubber rails to your pool table.


Did We Miss Your Questions?

Call 480-792-1115 to learn more.


When Your We Are Finished, Your Table Will Be Level To 1/10,000th of and Inch

Pool Table Leveling