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Olhausen Pool Table Prices Explained

Pricing Olhausen Pool Tables


One of the outstanding features which is offered by Olhausen is the customization of your table.

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The customization feature is allowed across the full spectrum of Olhausen pool tables. Of course each table is created slightly different from the next and will mean each pool table can have a slightly different price. There is no one set price for an Olhausen pool table. The exception is for a very limited scope of value tables (see V tables) that offer the very least in options. Speaking to our customer assistants who are expert in the complete Olhausen line up will allow you to create the table you want within your budget. Many times our customers will call us with a budget in mind and exceed their initial budget when they discover the true value of our table. The custom options are of course desirable but more importantly affordable. Which is why its not uncommon to have a customer thank us for opening their eyes and their budget to the perfect table just right for them.

Pricing Options

What Are The Available Options


  • 24 Cloth Colors are the initial standard cloth colors. The truth is we have over 300 cloths choices. Ranging from high use public game room cloth to the finest worsted pool table cloth. If you are not familiar with pool able cloth, ask our in store experts can assist you in getting the best cloth for your individual needs. We offer custom logos cloths too. Call us about customizing your cloth top.


Solid Wood Carved Legs Is Just Part Of The Olhausen Story


  • Call us to learn the rest of the options available at 480-792-1115


Olhausen Pool Table Options

Let's Review The Options Available to You.


Olhausen Pool Table Features & Benefits

Each of the Following Options will change the price of your Olhausen pool table. Speaking to our inhouse Olhausen experts will allow you to create the finest pool table at the best value.

The Hampton Pool Table from Olhausen Billiards


  • Solid Wood Legs are standard unless other specified. In some cases solid wood cores are covered by laminates.
  • Presently there are over 17 leg choices available to customize many of our tables. Specific carved tables types such as the Rococo do not offer additional leg choices
  • Your Choice of Pockets. Choices Include Leather Pockets or Fringe Pockets. Both Pocket styles are available in multiple colors. See examples below.
  • Three Top Rail Selections available on most tables. Olhausen offers three distinct top rail choices in 8 wood grains. Premium wood from the U.S. and abroad. Featuring
  • 1" Thick Slate Premium slate, Diamond Honed Flat. Each piece is checked at manufacturing and rechecked before it leaves the factory for flatness and proper bolt hole alignment.
  • Rich Hand Rubbed Finish Choices. Your Choice of over 30 stains and multiple finishes. Of course each stain finish will have it own beauty and unique characteristics when paired with a specific wood grain.
  • Available Table Sizes

  • 6 Foot Table
  • 7 Foot Table
  • 8 Foot Table
  • 8.5 Table
  • 9 Foot Table
  • 10 Foot Tables
  • 12 Foot Tables
  • Table Types - Specific tables will have different pocket sizes and bumper profiles
  • Carom
  • Billiards
  • Pool
  • Accu-Fast Bumper rails. Accu-Fast bumper rails are made by Olhausen in the U.S. and made from 100% gum rubber and are considered one of the best if not the best table bumper available in the world market of tables. Accu-Fast bumpers are standard on all tables except the base value tables. Speak to your customer assistant if you are unsure.
  • Solid Wood Construction is not an upgrade but is part of the normal process and how each table constructed.
  • Hardwood Choices
  • Solid Hardwood Maple
  • Solid Hardwood Hard Maple
  • Solid Hardwood Walnut
  • Solid Hardwood Oak
  • Solid Hardwood Cherry
  • Other Pre mi mum hardwoods are available on request.


Pool Table Cloth 30 Colors Plus So Much More

Custom Pool table cloth is another option available to you. Choose your own logo or your favorite team or product. In traditional pool table cloth the range of materials and colors are substantial. Speaking to our customer assistants will allow you to pick the right cloth for your type of play and use.


Leather Pockets

Handcrafted leather work


Shielded Pockets

Embossed Leather

Diamondback Billiards is An Authorized Olhausen Dealer & Proudly Stocks Olhausen Pool Tables in it's Showrooms.




Diamondback Billiards Proudly Carries Olhausen's Authorized Harley Davidson Pool Tables



Embossed Harley Davidson Leather Pockets



Accu-Fast Rails "The Best In The Business"




Solid Wood Construction


Solid Wood Construction Plus Engineered woods and 100% Made in the USA Make This Unrivaled

Each Table is made with bolt-thru cross bracing. This allows the slate to rest on the subsurface and play quieter. Actually relieving stress on the slate. Stable slate leads tighter, faster cloth. Bolt thru allows us to both straight through the slate liner. This eliminates vibrations.


Below the Slate and the liner is the most important area for the play of the table. We Utilize Uniliner instead of particle or MDF board you may see on other brands. Our use of Uniliner is important when you weigh the direct benefits. Unliner has tested almost twice as strong of other wood construction methods. When we say our tables can support a truck we really do mean it. Our tables are built to last the generations to come.


Premium Hardwoods


Our tables are made with Americans finest hardwoods unless otherwise specified by the customer with an exotic wood request. Picked from Great Northwest and around the country. We specifically look for slower growing trees. This can be plainly seen when examined by tighter grains. This grain tightness is a much preferred choice of wood grain when building premium pool tables. As a benefit tighter grains are more color consistent an accept stain in an even overall appearance.


The fact that we prefer to use slow growth wood also allows for sustainable forest management.



Pre mi mum Slate

Use the worlds finest slate from Brazil and Italy. Each piece is check for flatness before leaving the factory and checked again upon arrival into our plant. Each piece is diamond honed flat and checked to 1/10,000th of an inch.








Choosing the Correct Pool Table



Learn Which Pool Table Best Suits Your Needs

Choosing the Correct Pool Table



Learn Which Pool Table Best Suits Your Needs

Top Rail Sights

Choose from 24 sights ranging from brass to mother of pearl.

rail sights

Top Rail Choices

Displayed below are the Cavalier, New Orleans and Standard Rail selections.

top Rails

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