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Hudson Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables 2 Great Choices

Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables

Shown Below - 100% American Made


Cirrus Outdoor Table

Cirrus Shuffleboard Table


Choose the The Cirrus Shuffleboard above or the Dominator Outdoor shufflebaord table below


Dominator Outdoor Table

domonator outdoor table.




cirrus top view

Easy To Adjust Leg Levelers

leg leveler


Outdoor Sunbrella Table Covers

color options


Made for the Great Outdoors

outdoor shuffleboard table


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Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables

Choose the Cirrus or the Dominator to Go Outdoors!

Our Outdoor Table Features & Benefits,


  • Featuring Solid Hardwood Cradle
  • Scoreboard in either woodframed chalkboard or abacus beads.
  • Custom Logo On Play field
  • Kiln Dried Select Hard Rock Maple
  • Premium Long Lasting Hardwood Construction
  • 30" Table Height
  • 3" Thick Shuffleboard Top
  • Top Features Polymer Finish with Lifetime Warranty
  • Professional Polymer top used by the Pros is also used on our home versions
  • Finger Jointed Hard Rock Maple Boards giving you a superior playing surface.
  • Reinforced with inlays of maple on the bottom of the playing surface to surround climatic adjusters
  • Climatic Adjusters are included in each playing top
  • True 90 degree edge as opposed to beveled edge. This means you can hang off the rail and not fall or roll off. Its a pros difference that makes the difference.
  • Our tops are poured with our tough polymer and climatic adjusters included together. This means our top can be leveled both lengthwise and from side to side.
  • Leg Levelers on Each Leg
  • Available Shuffleboard Sizes
  • - 9' Length
  • -12' Length
  • -14' Length
  • -16' Length
  • -18' Length - Additional Support Legs Included
  • -20' Length - Additional Support Legs Included
  • -22' Length - Additional Support Legs Included
  • Play Field Dimensions

  • 3" Thick by 20" Width Play Field
  • Optional Sunbrella Table Covers In Nine Colors


First Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

9 foot cirrus

Call our expert staff to find out all the options available

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