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Oppenheimer Pool Table

The Pro's Home Choice



The Oppenheimer

The Oppenheimer pool table is the a favorite table for homeowners and professional pool table players. Nine foot table or Eight foot our pool table are the best in the business.

Our tables were designed with players and engineers working together to create the best playing table available today.


Diamond Stain Choices

Cherry Brown
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Clear
maple black
Maple Brown
maple cherry
Maple Black
Maple Brown
Maple Cherry
maple clear coat
maple golden
maple standard
Maple Clear Coat
Maple Clear
Maple Standard
oak black
oak brown charry
oak cherry
Black Lacquer Oak
Oak Brown Cherry
Oak Cherry
ok clear coat
golden oak
standard Oak
Oak Clear
Golden Oak
Standard Oak
mahagony Sapelle
sapelle Mahagony

Mahogany Sapelle

Sapelle Mahogany Standard Sapelle Mahogany





"The Oppenheimer" Pool Table by Diamond Billiards


Features and Benefits of the Diamond Billiards Oppenheimer Pool Table


  • 1" Thick Italian Slate in 3 pcs
  • Trued to perfection our slate is is machined on both sides, top and bottom.
  • Supported by a 3/4" MDF slate liner to further stiffen the table.
  • Three 3/8" Bolts secure each Rail to ensure no movement over time.
  • Rails are made from Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany or other exotic hardwoods when specified.
  • 6" Wide Rail allows for a solid Bridge hand when resting on top rail.
  • Diamond Inlaid Cue Sights.
  • K-55 Cushions- K-55 Side Bumper Cushions Provide quick response in ball action.
  • Our Bodies are Manufactured in Solid Hardwoods
  • Maple, Walnut, Oak, Cherry or Other we do not use plywood or laminated wood product for our body pieces.
  • Stained to request - see options below
  • Concealed No Lift Leveling System
  • Solid Wood Legs
  • Table Sizes
  • 8' Dimensions: 104" x 59" x 32" Weight: 1000lbs
  • Matching Pro Ball Rack and Rack Holder
  • Simonis Cloth Choice
  • Combined worsted wool
  • Nap free will not pill puff or shed
  • Choose from the one of the Best Names in Pool Table cloth
  • Each Top Rail is locked to the slate by four 3/8" bolts.
  • Side Skirts are finely finished and solid hardwood construction.



Call our expert staff to find out about all the options to create your Oppenheimer Pool Table.




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