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S1620 ~ Custom Options Available

The S1620 Bar Stool With Relax Back, Custom is no problem



Create Your Own Custom Bar Stool. This beautiful furniture piece is hand crafted in the United States.

California House Furniture can be counted on to create Bar Stools, Game Tables and Bar Stools last the years and generations. Now you can own your own custom California House Bar Stool. Just call our friendly experts and we will go over all the options and start the building process of your very own custom Bar Stools.


The S1620 - Back View

S1620 in Oak




** Shipping to All States within the Continental US**

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S1620 Custom Bar Stool From California House

Custom Features Lets You Make This Bar Stool Match Your Home Decor


California House S1620 Features & Benefits

  • Create the Bar Stool of your dreams
  • Your Choice of Wood Finishes
  • You'll Find A full Pallet of Wood Finishes Below
  • Leather Seat Choices for Bar Stools
  • More than 50 Fabric Selections
  • A full list of fabrics selections can be found lower on the page
  • Full Range of Accessory Nails to Adorn your Bar Stool


Call our expert staff to find out about all the custom options available to match the S1620 Bar Stool to your home.