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Stainless Steel Accent Blackjack Table

Create your very own custom Nile Blackjack Table ~ Associated chairs available


Blackjack table

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Formica ~ Veneer & Vinyl Choices are all displayed below


Formica is a durable polymer surface that works well in commercial spaces and homes. Easy to clean and maintain Formica has a long history of durability over the years.

Blackjack Table Formica Choices



Crocodile Vinyl Patterns






The Nile Blackjack Table

Custom Choices ~

Features & Benefits,

  • Available Size

  • Top 78" x 44"
  • Height 38" or 30"
  • 7 Cup Holders
  • Accessories Included with the Nile Blackjack Table
  • Dealing Shoe
  • Discard Holder
  • Money Box
  • Paddle & Cut Cards
  • Custom Options Available
  • Custom Logo Playing Field Cloth
  • Exotic Woods Available
  • A Wide Beautiful Variety of Formica Choices to match your blackjack table to your home decor or game room.
  • Top Pad come in 52 Vinyl Choices


We also offer bars tools that match your playing table. Click and chair to view the possibilities in blackjack chairs

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Blackjack Wood Veneer Choices

Do you desire wood instead? You can choose from our wood veneer selections. Each veneer is unique as the tree that produced it. Amazing patterns come to life in each veneer, as cellular surfaces reflect light in a myriad of patterns.

Leather Match Vinyl

leather match vinyl has been formulated to imitate the touch and feel of leather with the durability properties of vinyl


vinyl 1


Snake Skin Vinyl Pattern